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Area of Study for Northeast Oklahoma County Loop Narrows to Area along Peebly Road

Oklahoma Turnpike Authority conducting land surveys and working to minimize impact to property owners

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. - The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) has announced that the area of study for the Northeast Oklahoma County Loop, as part of the series of turnpike projects in the Driving Forward initiative, has narrowed.

“As we continually review criteria for determining the routes for Driving Forward’s projects, OTA is working to minimize the impact to existing property owners,” OTA Interim Director Neal McCaleb said. “We have narrowed the current area of study for the Northeast Oklahoma County Loop to within one mile east and one mile west of Peebly Road, and possibly a little outside of that in some areas. The right of way for the turnpike will be approximately 300 feet wide within the study area. Surveyors will continue to map property outside of that area to develop a comprehensive topographical study.”

The five criteria used by the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to determine alignment for new turnpike routes are:

1. Minimization of individual impact on the environment and existing property

2. Connectivity to the current turnpike system, increasing safety and improving efficient travel

3. Minimize right-of-way costs

4. Topographic features that can impact the cost of development

5. Optimization of traffic and revenue

Temporary ground markings in the form of black or white four by four-foot “X”s have been placed on some properties for aerial reconnaissance in the surveying process. The imagery and data collected by these surveyors allows for the development of 3D topographical maps across a large area. The ground markings do not signify the route of the turnpike, as the exact alignment is yet to be determined.

“We’re expecting to announce alignments for the turnpike routes by late spring, early summer,” Jack Damrill, OTA Director of Communications and Facilities said.

For a complete timeline of projects and updated information on the Driving Forward plan, please visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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