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Greater Oklahoma City Chamber Transportation Priorities

The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber's Legislative Policy Guide includes their transportations priorities for 2017. The Chamber includes in its state transportation priorities its support for the Driving Forward series of projects being undertaken by the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority in and around Oklahoma City.

"Governor’s Turnpike Plan: The Chamber supports Gov. Fallin and the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority’s “Driving Forward” Turnpike Program and, specifically, the following Oklahoma City-area projects: 1) the construction of a new turnpike facility to link Interstates 40 and 44 (Turner Turnpike) in eastern Oklahoma County; and 2) the construction of a new southwest extension of the existing Kilpatrick Turnpike between I-40 and State Highway 152/Airport Road."

For a look at the complete list of Transportation Priorities or the Greater OKC Chamber's 2017 policy guide, please follow this link.

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