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Kickapoo Turnpike



Construction Hotline: 1-888-312-2151

  • 21 miles

  • New construction

  • This project will allow for a connection from Eastern Oklahoma County to vital intersections for travel. This will produce a drive-time reduction to access Tulsa from the OKC Metro and a needed new loop to alleviate current congested traffic in the Oklahoma City area. Construction will link I-40 and I-44 (Turner Turnpike) in Eastern Oklahoma County.

  • As of January 5, 2021 at 11:00 am, the Kickapoo Turnpike is open.*

    *The roadway is single lane in both directions from NE 23rd Street south to I-40 while crews continue to work on the road. In addition, on/off ramps at Reno Ave. and NE 29th Street will remain closed. The northern half of the Kickapoo Turnpike opened to traffic on October 13, 2020 from I-44 (Turner Turnpike) to NE 23rd Street.


  • Construction Update: April 1, 2021




Jan. 2019

Turnpike construction continues as individual projects begin.


Nov. 30, 2019

Construction of the new bridge over I-40 and Luther begins.


January 2018

Construction begins on the interchange at I-44 (Turner Turnpike) near Luther Road.


Sept. 20, 2016

status update was given to the public on progress being made on the Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike.


April 14, 2016

Public meeting with Eastern Oklahoma County residents and community members to discuss the design alignment for the Northeast OK County Loop. Meeting held at the Harrah Church in Harrah from 6 to 8 p.m. on April 14.

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